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Comparison: 5 Social Media Management Tools

How do you feel about creating posts for your social media accounts 24/7?

It’s pretty overwhelming, right??

But that’s not an excuse to skip over these must to-do tasks. Because you need a continuous stream of information about your business and its current activities to grow your customer base. This becomes very helpful for you to expand your business presence.

Thankfully, to save yourself from a heavy workload there are a large amount of social media management tools available.

But then here the problem!

Among those social media management tools available how can you select the best one which is compatible for your business needs??

Not all the social media management tools are sharing common features. There are certain tools which are specific for certain tasks. Therefore, it is important to identify the requirements of your business when selecting a social media management tool.

The better selection you make, easier your life would become!

To help you let’s take a look at some of the social media management tools and their features so you can find out what might be best for your business.


Is your presence active in many social media accounts? If the answer is ‘YES’ this might be your tool of choice!

Hootsuite allows you to connect over 35 social media accounts. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn and many more.

You don’t have to worry if you control more than one account in same network! Hootsuite can manage it too.

In addition, you can schedule your posts, manage and assign tasks within a team and grow your follower base while ensuring protection to your brand with its security features.

You can select the best plan for personal or business use and pay accordingly. Plans costs $19, $99, $499 per month depending on the plan selected. Try out with 30-day free trial before getting started!!


One of the features of Buffer is scheduling your social media posts for later publication.

Buffer comes in handy with the browser extension compatible for many search engines you can directly share pages from the browser. So why waste time logging into the account?

And their friendly and timely customer service support is a must to mention.

Depending on the Buffer plan you selected, the cost varies. If it is an individual plan you can use it free of charge forever! Oh yes, you heard it correct!

Buffer plans cost $10, $99, $199 and $399 per month based on features. All these includes free trials between 7 and 14-days as well.

Be Your Social

What if you have the chance of managing all your social media for just $9.97 per month?? Even less with their annual plan.

Be Your Social is an affordable social media management tool which is suitable for entrepreneurs of all types.

With the easy-to-use dashboard, you can start off with Be Your Social right away. Your social media marketing strategy could be done more effectively using the online resources they offer.

Be Your Social Dashboard

The online support team of Be Your Social is willing to share their knowledge when you have questions to make your life easier. Plus you can download FREE PDF’s packed with information on topics such as

Its user-friendly interface and ability to create its own eye-catching images and backgrounds are a plus.

Best of all is that you can experience full PRO Plan features of with the Free 14-day Trial. No credit card is required to sign-up for the trial.

Free Be Your Social Tutorial Course

So why say NO if you get all you need in one easy to use Social Media Management tool?? Be Your Social even has a tutorial course that’s free to teach you how to use the tool.

Agora Pulse

If you need to make the timeline contests of your page more fun and entertaining stop looking for anything else. All you need to do is sign-up with Agora Pulse and search for Free Tools on their website. Then under Free Social Media Marketing tools and Facebook Page Contests.

With Agora Pulse your fan base can actively participate with the quizzes, photo contests and sweepstakes running in your Facebook page.

Not only that Agora Pulse allows you to perform well with your Twitter competitors. For this they offer a Twitter report card to track your performance.

Did I mention they offer these features free of charge??

The best feature is the Social Media Management Calendar which allows you to drag and drop content for scheduling.

Like all the other social media management tools, the cost depends on the plan you pick. However, pricing is higher than Hootsuite, Buffer and Be Your Social. If you go with their annual plan you can save yourself some money.

Sprout Social

So much similar to Hootsuite. In addition, it provides customer relationship management features (CRM).  Using a CRM can help you can keep track of your customers. This in turn helps you to build a strong bond with them.

The reports generated for you by Sprout Social are like eye candy that you don’t even need to edit and easy for you to analyze.

This one has 30-day free trial for their plans and costs $99, $149, and $249 per user per month. Which again puts it at a higher price point than Hootsuite, Buffer and Be Your Social. But works best for a company or a social media management agency.

Final Thoughts on these Social Media Management Tools

These are a very few social media management tools that are used currently all across the world. Your choice of selection should by based want to achieve with these tools.

If you are still unsure of what to use why don’t you give it a shot and try out a few using the free trials?? I’d love to know which one works best for you.


Be Your Social 14-Day Trial



Sprout Social

Agora Pulse

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