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5 Ways To Be More Social With Be Your Social

Being more social starts with posting engaging content on a consistant schedule. By doing so sites like Facebook are more likely to show your content to more of your followers or those who have “Liked” your Facebook page. If not Facebook is going to show those followers other content that they find appealing. How can you stop that from happening?

5 Ways To Be More Social With Social Media Management

1) Be Consistant

Be consistantly sharing new content with your followers. It doesn’t have to be daily but it should be on a regular schedule. Apps like Be Your Social allow you to share to all your social media networks with “one click”. Plus you can schedule the same content to share at later dates be recycling your most popular content. Not all your followers will see your content the first time so share it again for those who missed it and your new followers.

2) Create Powerful Images

Images and video are 2 things recommended for adding to your post to catch the attention of your followers. More so with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets since most are scrolling though their social media feeds on their device of choice. With Visual Composer you can take advantage of templates where you just replace with your own images or stock free images found in the Be Your Social image library. Besides images you can add stickers, text and even overlay with your businesses logo to make eye-catching images that will get followers to stop and look at your post.


Visual Composer Image

3) Share YouTube Videos

Why YouTube when Facebook is the largest social media network on the planet? Well YouTube is owned by Google which is the largest search engine on the planet and that’s very powerful when it comes to being found. I actually suggest that you upload your videos to YouTube and Facebook for maxium exposure. Plus once you have enough views on YouTube you can start monetizing your videos and making a little extra income though YouTube Ad Revenue.

YouTube Ad Revenue


Be Your Social lets you search YouTube videos so you can share either your own videos or content from others on YouTube to provide your followers with valuable information on video.

4) Review Your Stats

Without stats you won’t be able to see which content you share is most popular with followers and you can’t tell what time of the day or even what day of the week gets you the best engagement with your followers. Now you can by using Be Your Social and reviewing the data under the “Stats” tab. It’s all part of the Pro plan feature to help you be more social.

Be Your Social Stats

5) Do Your Reasearch

The last way you can be more social by using Be Your Social is by utilizing the Content Research feature of the app. This is a powerfull feature that lets you find articles on any topic you search on. Then by saving your search keywords you can always pull up fresh topics related to that keyword and easily share those articles wth your followers.

Be Your Social Content Research


Is there a tool that can do all this for you? Yes there is! Try Be Your Social Pro features free for 14-days and put yourself on the path of being more social. No credit card is needed so sign-up today. If you enjoy the PRO features of Be Your Social you subscribe and use these powerful Pro features for just $9.97 a month or less than .30 cents a day and stay social with your followers as you grow your online presense.


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